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Maria Skou Nicolaisen

Maria Skou Nicolaisen

PhD fellow

  • Royal School of Library and Information Science

    Søndre Campus, bygn. 4, Njalsgade 76, 2300 København S, Building: 4A-2-24

    Phone: +45 35 32 14 17

Current research

My research project revolves around analyzing textual organizational patterns as well as examining how new forms of digital and digitized text might fuel a reconceptualization of text and textual discourse. 

The PhD project will investigate how the interlude between print and digital technologies changes the concept of text and textual organization. The technological impact on humanistic textual practices has become an issue of general concern within the humanities. In the intersection between technologies, it has become apparent that text is not, nor have it ever been, a neutral vessel for information and knowledge. Each textual technology constrains the dynamics of language. Each technology does, however, bring with it new opportunities for displaying and analyzing textual content.

The aim of the project is to develop a theoretical grounding for discussing text and textual organization in the Digital Humanities. Critical textual analysis is used as the primary method, but will to some extent be supplemented by practical considerations on Text Mining methodologies. The theoretical scope will be a mixture of textual and literary theories in interdisciplinary fields mainly Digital Humanities. The diversity of contributions to this field allows for and portrays very nuanced definitions of text as it in many instances implicitly or explicitly deals with textual and digital transitions and their effect on and in humanistic disciplines.   

The project will add a contribution to the field of digital humanities with a focus on the dual transformation processes between textual technology and humanistic thought. It will offer reflections on the computability of text as well as on some of the unspoken assumptions about text as a vessel for academic knowledge. From there it will attempt to offer a new conceptualization of text that can better entail the new digital reality.



Teaching activities in the spring of 2016:

Videnskabsteori og metode (Danish constituent module in History and Philosophy of Science/Studium Generale , BA 4th Sem)

- will cover structuralism, constructivism and its derivatives as well as co-teach a lesson on Textual analysis and Academic Knowledge Production with associate Professor, Laura Skouvig

Digital Information and Textuality (English elective module, MA)

- will cover general discussions and positions within the field of Digital Humanities as well as offer some practical experience with the CAQDAS system, NVivo.  


Alignment of expectations (the social contract between myself and my students)




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